The Highlove Vitality Team

Founder, Mark Highlove

Mark Highlove, founder & CEO of Highlove Vitality, comes from a strong background in natural medicine.


Mark has studied under great masters of both western herbology and ayurveda including Frank Cook, Rosemary Gladstar, Prashanti Dejager, and Vasant Lad.  While some of his background is scholastic in nature, most of his training comes from years of immersive experience in the kitchen, garden, and nature around the world with his beloved mentors and guides.

The original Cacao Bliss herbal superfood blend is from Mark’s own daily healing practice, a blend of adaptogenic herbs he has been using as a daily health tonic for many years. He formulated the blend to help him keep with his own crazy schedule as a clown, performer, big art builder & parent.

His love for herbal healing inspired him to bring the formula to the masses, to help others find balance & vigor with herbal superfoods.

Team Mates

Highlove Vitality, Inc. grew in 2016, adding two awesome lady bosses to our leadership team to help Highlove Vitality spread our love of wellness & superfoods to the masses.

We’re here to make herbalism and wellness accesible, delicious & fun. We know you will love herbal healing as much as we do!

Alexa Rohn

Alexa Rohn brings a background as a scientist & marketer to her role as CMO for Highlove Vitality.

Her fascination with “hacking” the body for wellness began with her university studies in neurobiology. Alexa’s home kitchen is now an edible lab, with ongoing experiments in fermentation, herbal tinctures, tisanes & more.

As a blogger & fledgling herbalist, Alexa writes our weekly blog to help, not hype.  Not your average marketer either, she’s a student & practitioner of Seth Godin’s method for running a business with empathy by creating value for others.

Nikki Gustely

A longtime lover of the healing arts, Nikki Gustely keeps Highlove Vitality running smoothly as COO.

As a healing practitioner, Nikki specilizes in Bodywork, Skincare, and energy moving modalities.

The first to get down for a living room dance party, Nikki is mom to a 6 year old girl, pet parent to 5 fish named Victoria, and an active member of the LGBTQ community in Los Angeles.

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